James Lamont has had an interest in history and jewelry making since high school.

When he learned that during World War 1 soldiers in the trenches made

rings using spoons and coins during quiet times, he became fasinated with the process.


James has worked in the sheet metal industry for 50 years and started making rings from

coins in 2016.  In January 2017 James expanded his collection creating beautiful pendants,

earrings and braclets from coins, brass and copper.


During a trip to Sarasota Florida, James's wife Roselyn was approached in a highend store by an associate asking where she had purchased her necklace.  Roselyn told her that her husband made it, and the associate asked if James would consider going into mass production.


Because every piece is unique and handmade that would not be possible, but it gave James the idea to start his own business.  James now showcases his art in Sarasota Florida and Martha's Vineyard. 


James welcomes custom made orders.